The Miracle Doctor for Ethnic Beauty Mavens

Ola Darlings,

So I’ve been busy scoping out this holiday’s latest beauty finds, and I was stopped in my tracks when I found the perfect beauty miracles. In fact, the collection is part of America’s fastest growing ethnic beauty brand. Ladies, the Dr. is officially in and makes house calls.

Dr. Miracle expands the award-winning ethnic skincare division with the introduction of My Miracle Face Care. But it gets better than that! Dr. Miracle also introduces The Follicle Healer Collection.

Now for the skinny; while gaining recognition as a WWD Beauty Biz award-winner, Dr. Miracle’s My Goodbye Acne System got the attention of users by relieving embarrassing marks.  African-American women are prone to dryness, blemishes and aging. The My Face Care works by addressing these issues in an affordable manner with the appeal of luxury. It’s your OTC prescription.

Rich in soy and Shea butter teamed to heal blemishes, brittle skin and discoloration, with vitamin C, B3 and E to polish the skin’s natural glow.

The Tingling Facial Cleaner ($5.99 for 6.0 oz) starts the day off with deep-clean, conditioned pores, leaving skin feeling cool and calm, courtesy of the signature “Feel it Formula.” And it’s oil free!

Next follows the alcohol-free Tingling Facial Toner ($5.99, 6.0 oz) to revitalize for a perfect moving morning and sound night.  But it doesn’t end there; the Day Treatment Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 (7.99, 1.7 oz), combating the summer’s uneven tones and dryness. Apply daily to add moisture and to protect your even skin tone. Use the Night Treatment Facial Moisturizer ($7.99, 1.7 oz) for enhancing skin’s natural renewing process; reduce dullness, dryness and roughness.  Finish off with a sweet treat. Pamper with the Self Cooling Facial Mask ($6.99, 4.0 oz) for a sensational clean from clogged pores and to remove excess oils. Get your very own set available exclusively at Walmart.

Ladies, I haven’t forgotten about the tresses, since it’s obvious that the Dr. has our face covered. This line focuses its New Energizing Complex Formulation on continued life and vitality for damaged dormant scalp and follicles, by infusing with anti-oxidants and vitamins necessary for enhanced growth of strong, healthy tresses.

Now with a milder, more pleasant fragranced appeal, it boosts with even more nourishing ingredients. As African-American women, we carry a sense of renewed pride in our tresses. It’s our official statement of our individuality, style and comfort. The Follicle Healer Collection is formulated to go beyond our scalp, by penetrating the roots of all hair types and can be experienced by the budgetista in all of us.

Once again, the Miracle Dr. combats issues experienced by ethnic women through infused, robust all-natural nutrients and vitamins which provide healthy building blocks of strong hair.  These key components hydrate the scalp; prevent hair loss/breakage and increases blood circulation to the scalp, collagen and elasticity of strands.

The Collection’s:

  • Pomade –is infused with tea tree, almond, coconut and safflower oil and Shea butter; rebuilding and nourishing the follicle for maximum growth ($4.99).
  • Crème – is infused with Shea butter, vitamins A, E, C & B3, plus tea tree and jojoba oil for deep follicle conditioning producing super soft hair and health scalps ($3.99).
  • Hydrating Oil – is infused with tea tree, jojoba, and castor oil. It also contains Shea butter and soy protein to condition and strengthen the follicle, leaving hair healthy looking with superb shine ($4.99).
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment – is infused with tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, soy protein and vitamins E, B3 and C which boosts follicle and scalp health leading to beautiful, soft, shiny hair ($1.99).

Trust me ladies, I speak from personal experience.  Dr. Miracle is definitely a collection for any beauty maven’s collection. The look, feel and comfort of knowing that your issues are addressed from the hands of an expert; Priceless!

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