Shobha Review; A SPAtacular Venture of an Elite SPAlista

Ola Darlings,

So, I woke up thinking “Today’s the day.” I can’t begin to explain the flood of emotions that rushed me, before even making to breakfast! While brushing my teeth, I looked at my reflection and thought, “Goodness Goddess, toughen up, it’s not that bad.” “Positive thinking,” I thought. But as the clock ticked closer to my appointment time, I realized I needed some more positive reinforcement. I mean, I am no rooky to Brazilian waxing (in this case, sugaring) and I’ve been through three vaginal deliveries, but let’s face it, I admit it…when it comes to pain, I am not a fan!

So I arrived by taking the downtown 6 train to Bleeker Street (front of train) and exit at Houston & Broadway (by the B & D line) and in less than a block (left on Broadway @ E. Houston Street), I was in front of 594 Broadway (4 buildings in). I arrived at suite 403 and was immediately greeted by 3 lovely females from behind the reception area.  They took my name and verified my appointment time. As I took a seat, I took in the ambiance of the suite. It had a warm and cozy feel to it! The décor was reminiscent of India!

Despite my comfort, I was peaking with anxiety, as my emotions continued to play peek-a-boo at random. I was finally distracted by Shobha’s collection of natural beauty products, especially Momma Mia, for expecting moms and super moms (like me). As Media Maven, the Elite Socialista, you have to understand that I am always prowling for great finds for my fellow lifestylistas (Momma Mia review coming soon)!

Approximately 7 minutes passes by and I am greeted by Frances, a cute, petite & exceptional friendly diva, who happened to be my specialist. I am escorted into “the room” which is quaint and private, equipped with a bed (think doctor’s office), a chair and a table set with products needed to complete sugaring & waxing services. Frances instructed me to de-robe from the waist down and to get onto the bed. My feet are to be placed together, with knees apart – to give full workable access to my sacred place. Now ladies, I am again going to re-inform you, that I am no stranger to sugaring and in fact, Shobha was my first experience with sugaring, thanks to my bff Maxy – but in all honesty, besides my doctor and my beau, no one has ever had an authority to have any access (complete full frontal view) to this zone. But I managed to maintain my composure. Frances continues to make me feel at ease as we engaged in realistic conversation. We discussed parenting (we both have 15 year olds) as she trimmed me down to workable length (Shobha prefers customers to come hairy).

I will admit, there is some discomfort but the pain is bearable. This is a fine example where the fear is greater than the act.

As Frances continued to remove the hair with firmness in various sectional moves, I continued to feel at ease with her courteous professionalism. As my experience with Frances was a training session, Aisha – Frances’ trainer – was there to oversee and guide the process. Her appearance wasn’t at all intimidating at all and it seemed to blend and compliment Shobha’s friendly aura. The remaining stragglers (hair) was then threaded away, bring me “completely bare to perfection.”

When we finished (let’s just say that this is as close to a threesome as I plan to get), I was slightly sore, but Frances removed the excess residue (from the sugaring), helped me to clean up (for extra comfort) and applied hydrocortisone for the redness.  I left Shobha very pleased, hairless & satisfied with my experience, as well as myself, for facing my fear. I have a new sugaring (waxing) home and Frances is officially my go-to diva. I mean, we are practically linked since she’s seen me in ways not even my mom or bff has seen me 0_O.

All in all, the décor, ambiance and staff are exceptional. I highly recommend Shobha for all of your hair removing needs! This is definitely a SPAtacular Find! Go on, I dare you to embark on SPAtacular venture at Shobha and start creating your own “Hairy Tales” & “Happily (hairy free) Ever Afters.”



Visit Shobha at any of their three locations:

Soho: 594 Broadway, Suite 403 (Between Houston & Prince Streets) 212-931-8363

Midtown: 41 East 57th Street, Suite 1304 (On 57th Street between Madison Avenue & Park) 212-223-2872

Columbus Circle: 3 Columbus Circle, Suite 730 (On Broadway between 57th and 58th Streets) 212-977-7771

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