Chic Bookmarking Guru Clipix Makes Organizing a Breeze

Hello Darlings,

Media Maven here, with some great news! Have you ever heard of clipix? It’s an awesome resourceful tool that makes organizing your life fun and addictive! My world revolves around being online, from checking emails, editorials, publishing straight on over to search and researching all the chic new exclusives finds that are creatively showcased her on Media Maven Blogazine! Clipix makes bookmarking cool finds a breeze! Let’s not forget that its also very easy and fast to set up; simply sign up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, drag the “clip” button to your bookmark toolbar and viola! Start clipping your precious favorites and discoveries on various clipboards! Yes, that’s it. Whenever you see something online that you want to remember, just click the “clip” button and it’s saved to one of your various clipboards.¬† And always remember, sharing is caring! So share your clippings with only the trusted people you want to access your information through customizable privacy settings (keep it private or share with family, friends and even your community). You can even sync your data via Syncboards! Collaborate to experience clipping in real-time with family and friends or group together for more organized clipping with the Multiboards feature.

Clip your favorite articles (found right here on Media Maven ūüėČ ), books, photos, shopping sites, fave products, latest gadgets, yummy recipes, just about anything! Even that coveted gift for your loved ones.¬† My clipix helps me to organize my blogazine, motherly, & womanly tasks.¬† It helps my girls to organize their school & leisure work, and helps my beau to remember where he saw that auto gizmo that he’s been looking for forever! But that’s just how my family clipix. Your possibilities are endless, from shopping (shoes, apparel, accessories,etc), decor, vacations, exclusive products, recipes, places & things to review such as restaurants and books, etc. If you need or want it, you can clip it with Clipix. And there’s also an iPhone app so that you can take clipix¬†with you wherever you go! You can even reclip¬†clips, comment or share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Go on and try clipix, and leave a comment at the bottom of this post to let me know how and what you clipped to your clipix clipboard! Feel free to post your comments via Facebook and Twitter as well!

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