Join Media Maven & Bliss Editorial Team in the #SummerofBliss Challenge

Hello Fellow Bliss Mavens,

Summer is finally here!

In celebration of warmer weather and longer days, the Bliss Editorial team is kicking off a community-wide, healthy living challenge to keep us and our readers thriving all season long. has partnered with a super cool company called social workout to make this easy and super fun, and I would love you to participate!

What is the Summer of Bliss Challenge?
Summer of Bliss is a personal challenge we’ve designed to inspire you (and myself when I’m having a hard day!) to accomplish better health habits on a daily basis. Even if you’re already healthy, this extra fun challenge will help you push yourself to the next level!

Summer of Bliss is a four week challenge with five healthy goals to hit each week. Challengers log in and track their progress, receiving scores along the way for a chance to win prizes. Challengers can compete alone or in a team, so if you have a flock of loyal readers, consider creating a team. Remember, it’s more fun with friends!

What does it entail?
Easy! All you do is sign up and create a profile. You can log and track your goals online or on your mobile device. Plus, you can host an easy-to-embed widget displaying up to the moment stats on your progress.

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Visit the challenge page and SIGN UP NOW!
Step 2: If you’d like to join an existing team (eh hem, like Media Maven’s Bliss Centric Mavens), check out the teams in the challenge in the upper right hand corner. Click into the team page, click Join, and you’re done!
Step 3: If you’d like to create a team, head to the Social Workout teams page
Step 4: Shoot an email when done creating your team to add your team to the challenge, and start cheering wildly!
Step 5: Invite your friends to join your team in the challenge!

*The Challenge starts Monday, June 11th. Join the challenge and/or a team now, but you won’t be able to start logging until then!   


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