New Roots Campaign Initiative KickOff

New Roots Blogger Badge
  Darlings, I am happy to announce that I am a Cause Ambassador for the New Roots campaign – an IRC (International Rescue Committee) cause, who responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises – to help make survival – a reality for many sufferers and help them to rebuild their lives.

Across the United States, seeds of change are being planted in sun-drenched gardens. And the harvest is much more than a bounty of nutritious foods.

In the South Bronx, refugees from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cameroon and elsewhere, are revitalizing the local community by growing their own fruits and vegetables and promoting healthy eating. I’ve personally spent 9 months in the South Bronx – working with Safe Horizon and victims of Domestic Violence – witnessing – first hand, about the impoverish conditions – amongst the communities, which are in dyer need of revamping and getting healthy!

As a avid supporter of organic and natural products (Goddess, remember :) ) – choosing to work closely with New Roots campaign is not only an honor, but its a pleasure as well!

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