Sexy Tips-n-Treats For Halloween Fun

This Halloween — take trick or treat to the next level!  The newest “sexiest” day of the year – is officially Halloween.  And I’ve noticed every year costumes get a little sexier. How do you pick a costume that looks sexy on you?

Chicago fashion designer Jada Michaels of wants to give you some simple tips — to add a splash of sexiness, to your costume and a chic ‘how-to’ — for you to choose the perfect fit that flatters your figure.

1. Add Eye Catchers: Subtle seduction can be found in the addition of small details to your costume such as bright red lipstick, false lashes, glitter, animal print, a loud bra and panties, sexy stockings, garters or saucy stilettos.

For example, if you are dressed as a sexy cop, try unzipping your costume a little bit to reveal a leopard or hot pink bra underneath.

2. Choose Your Assets: The most important thing about Halloween costumes is to remember that you don’t have to show off everything to be sexy. In fact, it is actually the tease that makes the costume sexy.

There are four main types of costumes for women: two-piece sets, tight mini dresses, corsets and short rompers. If you want to accent your waist, show off your abs or make your bustline stand out, then choose a two-piece set. To showcase long legs, try a tight mini dress or short romper. Corsets work well to tuck in tummies and accentuate busts.  Look for a corset that laces up the back to create a cinched-in hourglass figure.

3. Get In Character: Make your costume come to life by having a unique prop and being prepared with a fun and flirty ice-breaker line. For example, if you choose to be a sexy cop, carry a ticket and pen with you as a prop and write tickets to offending guys and girls that are too hot to be in public.

To see these sexy (and more) costumes, go to

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