Get Active To Fight Arthritis!

Lovelies, Did you know — Arthritis is the nation’s leading cause of disability? This dilemma, impacts approximately 1 in every 5 adults, affecting about 4 million people in the US and ‘hundreds of millions’ worldwide. And I believe — “no one deserves, to spend every waking day — in pain. Period!

Even though there is no cure for arthritis, The Arthritis Foundation wants to encourage you lovelies — to take simple steps, to prevent/decrease pain and disability, associated with arthritis.

In partnership with the Ad Council, the Arthritis Foundation is launching the Take Action Against Arthritis initiative in support of World Arthritis Day on October 12, 2012. Observed every year on Oct. 12 since 1996, World Arthritis Day is part of a global awareness initiative by the United Nations-endorsed Bone and Joint Decade.

Speak Out & Share if You’ve Been Touched by Arthritis:
If you, your parent/s, or someone you know — have been affected by arthritis, I’d love to hear your story.

Whether you are fighting arthritis pain or simply want to take preventative steps to reduce the impact on your joints, I ask you to share your ‘weapons‘ against arthritis. The Visualization Tool allows you to share your weapons against arthritis and learn what others do in their fight against the disease. I also invite you to share your experience by posting — help others see that they are not alone in this battle, or give a shout out on Twitter with this unique hashtag #WorldArthritisDay, as well as stop by Facebook.

Check out the Pain Tip App where you can learn tips on how to manage osteoarthritis pain!

Brian Teacher, a tennis pro — fights his arthritis by playing the sport he loves!


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