S Factor Redefines Sexy and Beauty With Sassy Video Campaign

My favorite get “sexy” goddess — Sheila Kelly — founder, author and Hollywood actress — is set to launch a new provocative video campaign “Redefining Sexy: Believe in Your Beauty” — to help change the way women approach “sexy” and “beauty.” Real women, true stories —  adorn the video, which features “Cancer Warrior” Diana Schlobohm — a breast cancer warrior…who lost both her breast to cancer. However, Schlobohm still maintains her knowledge that she is a sexy and beautiful woman. This raw and chicly gritty video — was shot 6 days post-op…challenges viewers to answer the following: “Are cancer survivors sexy?”

Since it’s debut, the video has gone viral — with celebs like Eva Longoria, Rita Wilson, Lana Parrilla, and Apolo Ohno asking their Twitter and Facebook followers to “Believe in your Beauty’ and “Embrace your Beautiful, Powerful Self!”

Sheila Kelley stirred up pre-conceived notions about “stripping” when she debuted her striptease inspired workout, S Factor, on the Oprah show in 2003.  There are now seven S Factor fitness studios across the nation and Kelley is widely regarded as the worldwide originator of pole dance fitness.  Her book The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman, not only thought outside the box, it smashed it.  The Redefining Sexy: Believe in Your Beauty campaign will do the same.

Cover of "The S Factor: Strip Workouts fo...

I have had the pleasure of reviewing the S Factor Soulfully Sexy Series…and ladies and gents, I have to say — Sheila Kelley is the ultimate go-to for sensual sex appeal. With class and divine style, her videos connect you to your inner goddess! S Factor has become my newest addiction (I am a total yoga and fitness fanatic). My darling boyfriend loves to sit and watch me get sexy and fit ;).  Stay chic and tuned as the review is coming soon!!!

Check out this amazing video — of a truly sexy and beautiful survivor!!! Sit back, relax and enjoy — as the music sets the mood for an intimate rendezvous with enjoyment — that’s PG-13!

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