b.liv by Cellinique Dullness Cessation “bright is right” Original Japan Silk Mask Review

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Since my last b.liv review (told you there’s more to come :)) — I went on to try their Dullness Cessation Original Japan Silk Mask. I think I am surely becoming addicted to these masks. With the slogan imprinted on the packaging: “bright is right,” I have to admit — this mask is a must-have for any beauty enthusiast or pro — who needs a quick pick me up. It is chicly formulated for dark and uneven skin tones. I saw immediate results, and got tons of compliments about my face’s overall appearance. I was able to chase away the clouds — that darkened my complexion (olive skin tone) — allowing it to glow. I glistened as my admirers stopped me — pondering about my skin care routine!

This beauty miracle lightened my complexion (temporarily…more permanent with constant use) by heightening its reflective properties — refining and smoothing my skin’s texture (bye-bye fine lines, creases and wrinkles). My skin glowed with a new transparency. I believe it’s because of the Nano-Pearl Proteins –  which regulated pigmentation and revitalized my skin…as the moisture-retaining ingredients provided instant hydration!

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Black Pearl – an oriental beauty tonic which helps restore skin’s natural radiance, lightens skin discoloration — making it softer, smoother, finer and more luscious!
  • Silk Protein – this naturally hydroscopic material has an excellent moisture binding quality to condition and hydrate skin.
  • Camu Camu Extract – this beauty secret is known for its anti-aging properties, boosts collagen synthesis for firmer, smoother skin — while restoring skin’s natural radiance.

Beauty Fixx: wash face and apply mask to clean skin. Leave mask on for approximately 20-30 minutes (I left on for 30 minutes). You can rinse away residue or allow formula to dry on skin. No additional moisturizer is required. “Ready-set-GLOW!”

This mask is formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. No animals were harmed or utilized with this brand (#cruelty-free).

I highly recommend this product! ;)

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