Things to Experience When In Cannes w/ Preity Uupala

Once again, I've had the pleasure of catching up with the ever chic Preity Uupala! Uupala attended the Cannes 2014 Film Festival, and has so much to share with you...Ever wondered what to do when in Cannes, outside of the coveted film festival? Well, today - Preity is sharing her favorite things to

#100Dreams Gives $250 to 5 Travel Goddesses

The entire internet was buzzing - in some shape or form - about the 4th of July! Sales, deals, barbecues - adorn the lives of many, as it's a favorite American tradition…to end with the a fireworks spectacular.

But this day has a totally different meaning for me!

Love and Appreciation: Motivated, Empowered and Wanting More!

It’s officially summer, and I am super excited to write - I’ve launched two CEOs since embarking on the journey to launch 100 dreams for the 2014 Summer Solstice, while raising a total of $400 for empowerment events (Goddess Gatherings) - and things are beginning to fall into place! Building

Sandals Unveils Over Water Bungalows For 2015

If you’re getting married in 2015, you will want to stop and listen to the amazing news I am about to share! Scheduled to open next year, Sandals is unveiling their latest project, Sandals Royal Caribbean Spa Resort & Offshore Island. This luxury sensation will boast five stunning over-the-water

Motivation Monday: Launching 100 Dreams This Summer

Happy Motivation Monday my loves. Today, I am in an extremely great mood! Yesterday, Father’s Day no less, I had the pleasure of laying the first stone in building my empowerment temple! This summer, Goddess Getaways wants to launch 100 Dreams! Yes, you heard me right! 100 DREAMS! I

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