Sweet CandI in a Midday Garden in Paris

Jardins du Midi.
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It’s an amazing feeling, being a business owner! It’s scary and exciting at the same time! I have finally found a way to have my dream career – in fashion, beauty and travel – with a spice of life and leisure in style. April is an important month for me.

DIY Spa Recipe, Spring Healthy Skin and Hydration to the Rescue

Spring Healthy Skin

Spring has officially sprung! I even got some seeds to plant in my new garden! What better way to bring in fresh, new beginnings than with nature herself? I am surrounded by so much positive energy – its amazing! No longer do I view my mission with doubt, as I

Travel Tuesday, Spring Savings and The Style Lounge

Las Vegas High Roller

Lot’s of chic #TravelTuesday deals for you loves. This month – Spring is all about saving 20% – 50% on hotels. Orbitz is having their 48 hour hotel sale, with this week’s feature being “Big Cities.” Get these exclusive savings – which are only valid now – 4/2/14 – right

For Colored Girls: Deep Down, Dark Skin

Preity Uupala

One of the biggest myths that exists today for us brown skinned girls, is that we are immune to sun damage and premature aging – especially if you are really dark skinned! That my loves, is a big fat lie! We are unique when it comes to beauty

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