Sweet CandI in a Midday Garden in Paris

It’s an amazing feeling, being a business owner! It’s scary and exciting at the same time! I have finally found a way to have my dream career – in fashion, beauty and travel – with a spice of life and leisure in style. April is an important month for me. It also represents the melting […]

DIY Spa Recipe, Spring Healthy Skin and Hydration to the Rescue

Spring has officially sprung! I even got some seeds to plant in my new garden! What better way to bring in fresh, new beginnings than with nature herself? I am surrounded by so much positive energy – its amazing! No longer do I view my mission with doubt, as I know I am exactly where […]

Travel Tuesday, Spring Savings and The Style Lounge

Lot’s of chic #TravelTuesday deals for you loves. This month – Spring is all about saving 20% – 50% on hotels. Orbitz is having their 48 hour hotel sale, with this week’s feature being “Big Cities.” Get these exclusive savings – which are only valid now – 4/2/14 – right here at Goddess Getaways. Goddess Getaways doesn’t […]

Diamond Diva Deals & Discounts Vol 3-28-14

Happy Friday loves. I am trying to stay abreast all of the amazing chic partners that are reaching out to help empower girls and women. In this issue – my gift to you…top beauty deals, discounts and promos. Let’s get social – and shop chic for a cause! While you loves pamper yourself rotten, without […]

For Colored Girls: Deep Down, Dark Skin

One of the biggest myths that exists today for us brown skinned girls, is that we are immune to sun damage and premature aging – especially if you are really dark skinned! That my loves, is a big fat lie! We are unique when it comes to beauty care, yes – but the same rules […]

Love & Appreciation: Motivated to Plan Ahead

First, let me apologize to you, my loves. I had such a run in with Mr. Murphy, of Murphy’s Law – which prevented me from sharing last week’s #MotivationMonday #TravelTuesday  and all other features. But, there are always lessons to be learned. To be a master, one must constantly be able to learn, as they […]

Love & Appreciation: Motivation Mondays

Hello loves. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, as my mind continues to function – at top warped speed – in reference to the direction I am taking both Mind Body Soul’U’tions & Elite Socialistas! My strong desire to empower the love of “self” – especially in girls and women, who are suffering – […]

Faith Aromatherapy Innovates Wellness Beauty

Holistic therapy is rapidly on the rise, and many experts believe it has to do with the recent chaos in healthcare. But holistic health has always been my number one approach as a single, mom of three, who is also a fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger, or today’s chic, modern, cyber goddess! Faith Aromatherapy, […]

5 Minutes to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Hey loves. As beauty mavens, many of us knows how important it is to update our skincare regimens, as the seasons change! I love that word…”change”, but anywho – how many of you, actually take the time to spring clean your beauty routine? The term “spring cleaning” usually resonates with packing/throwing away and making room […]

A Celebration of Beauty Empowering Through Beauty

On January 18, 2014 – I will be live, on the front lines of an epic red carpet event, which focuses on honoring girls and women! And their weapon of choice? BEAUTY! The Trumbull Marriott, in Trumbull, Connecticut – will be boasting with celebs, beauty professionals and enthusiastic fanatics – the first star-studded charity event […]