Let’s Unite & Create a Social Message That Can’t Be Ignored

What would you say – if you could make a difference for someone – no matter how small the action! Would you do it? I think its time that we all make a change – and stand up for those who don’t have the means, strength or resources to have their own voice HEARD!

Many of my friends and family – have wondered about my fixation with – the Goddess. But, like Nicki Minaj, it has always been a fascination for me – since I was a little girl. I love her ideal – beauty, kindness, nurturing, – perfection — at her best! She is the divine feminine I know every women is capable of evoking! So it would make sense, that my journey would involve causes – typical social change ambassador. It’s something I can’t explain but I remember this passion – from my childhood.

One of my favorite African American females is helping to stand up for the little voices – and so am I. Join Sapphire Kharyzma, the UN, Beyoncé and global aid organizations – as we aim to reach 1 billion people, on 1 day as 1 voice.

Sometimes, the smallest action – like volunteering at your local shelter, soup kitchen, or community center, making a donation, or simply spreading the word via social media – can make a HUGE impact – and help save lives! Add your voice to I Was Here. There’s exactly 8 days left, so add your name now. This message goes live on August 19th at 6:00 a.m.

Media Maven is a proud member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good & a cause ambassador medium!

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