Carrie’s Big Secret ^_^One Well Kept!

As a Sex and the City fan, it’s only natural that the premier of part deux to my favorite foursome ignited a passion of anticipation.  Carrie Bradshaw had me captivate since 1998. In fact, her character made me venture into journalism in 2001.  With buzz of Fleet Week/Memorial Weekend, which as a fellow promoter, I […]

Day O’Conner Empowers Civics Ed at Democracy Prep ^_^

Hey, Media Maven here…I want you to watch this video from ABCNews.comMaven’s eldest daughter gets featured helping O’Connor spread the awareness…Kayla Jasmin (girl speaking at podium in navy jogging suit). “I am very proud to have my children mind’s exposed, nurtured and challenged.  Growing up in NYC, I know what peer pressure and limited opportunities […]

Fashion Passion Kouture Kollection ^_^…Oh My!

Now, I have to say! Kimora Lee, you are indeed a Fashion Goddess.  When I stumbled upon this video, I honestly felt teary eyed.  Not only where the pieces to DIE for, but she made me realize that the struggles and sacrifices dealt by this industry(most industries) can get discouraging; however, as Women…mothers, daughters, sisters, […]