For Colored Girls: Deep Down, Dark Skin

Preity Uupala

One of the biggest myths that exists today for us brown skinned girls, is that we are immune to sun damage and premature aging – especially if you are really dark skinned! That my loves, is a big fat lie! We are unique when it comes to beauty

5 Minutes to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine


Hey loves. As beauty mavens, many of us knows how important it is to update our skincare regimens, as the seasons change! I love that word…”change”, but anywho – how many of you, actually take the time to spring clean

Off You Glow: Natural Glow from Head-to-Toe


main1It’s almost Monday — which usually means — back to work, as the weekend is done! But all is not lost lovelies — as I have some chic tips, to brighten up your work week, which will turn heads — making you

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