For Colored Girls: Deep Down, Dark Skin

One of the biggest myths that exists today for us brown skinned girls, is that we are immune to sun damage and premature aging – especially if you are really dark skinned! That my loves, is a big fat lie! We are unique when it comes to beauty care, yes – but the same rules […]

5 Minutes to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Hey loves. As beauty mavens, many of us knows how important it is to update our skincare regimens, as the seasons change! I love that word…”change”, but anywho – how many of you, actually take the time to spring clean your beauty routine? The term “spring cleaning” usually resonates with packing/throwing away and making room […]

Fall in Love with Eclos Beauty Anti-Aging System

A few weeks ago, I shared my new found obsession with lemons! In this feature, I am going to rave about apples! Rare Swiss apple stem cells to be exact. I received a #KloutPerk from Eclos by Freeman — which included the Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30, Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream and the Skin Prep Cleanser. […]

Unleash the Beautifying Power of Lemons

I have recently acquired a new found love for lemons. I guess you can say it ranks up there with my obsession with Shea Butter and Argan Oil.  I am totally fascinated with all things natural. And as of recently, I find myself taking to the internet — researching recipes, tips and DIY tricks for […]

Off You Glow: Natural Glow from Head-to-Toe

It’s almost Monday — which usually means — back to work, as the weekend is done! But all is not lost lovelies — as I have some chic tips, to brighten up your work week, which will turn heads — making you the envy of the office! And to be envied — is to be […]

Botanical Beauty Boosts Skin Care Trends

Health and wellness is taking over (woo hoo) and it’s proving pretty easy to shop for natural, organic and chemical beauty products and fair trade, cruelty-free brands! According to statistics, “botanical beauty which consists of “botanicals or plants and plant parts that are valued for their medicinal or therapeutic properties, flavor, and/or scent.” In fact, […]

Get the Cruelty-Free Beauty Look with Leona Lewis for The Body Shop

Leona Lewis – the British singer and global superstar — is the newest Brand Activist for The Body Shop, helping to raise awareness Against Animal Testing.  Seven years ago — the beauty triumphed on the X Factor UK, and with 10 million album sales, a collection of Grammy and BRIT Award nominations – she remains […]

Fashionation Fridays: Best in Beauty News

It’s not easy living your dreams! It’s even harder — indulging in your creative passions! For me, I wear many stylish hats — with writing, photography, graphic/design and PR — all dwelling within! But what truly allows me to float on cloud 9 — is the fashion, beauty, health, travel (lifeSTYLE) worlds! Bliss has become […]

5 Minute DIY Glamorous Party Look!

November officially rings in the holidays, and my social calendar is rapidly filling up — with tons of events, dinners and party requests. But unfortunately, I don’t have time to purchase new party wardrobes, so a Little Black Dress will have to do — as I get creative with various chic accessories — and focus […]