Feng Shui

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue: Discover Your Space

By Alice Inoue During these unprecedented times of great personal and collective change, one thing that everyone needs in his or her home is personal space. Whether a private sanctuary or a mini area you can call “yours,” having somewhere in your home where you can retreat and collect your thoughts is essential to your […]

Let Go & Let LIFE LIVE!

Letting go of the past has moved me forward into a new phase of being. The release and rebirth — transformation that results from detachment can be so liberating. It’s time to cut ALL ties to the past. Open up your mind to the new harvest; clear away any and all remains of last cycle. […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue’s “Pampering Dad with Positive Energy”

by Alice Inoue Happy Fathers Day! Today is the perfect day to talk about what you can do to best support the man of the house using positive fengshui actions. For the most part, men are uncomplicated and need very little to make them comfortable. Energetically enhance Dad’s life, and make him a happier, healthier, […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Cooking Up Positive Energy

By Alice Inoue In feng shui, the kitchen, considered the most vital and important part of the house, nourishes us and sustains life.  We embrace the energy that feeds us physically through food, financially through money, and emotionally through our connection to our family. What does your kitchen say about you? The Stove The stove, […]

Feng Shui Expert Alice Inoue On Clearing Out the Chaos!

Darlings, Here’s another feng shui fave by our expert Alice Inoue… Clearing Out the Chaos by Alice Inoue Do you have too many things in your home and not enough room?  It may feel that way when you live in a disorganized space or fail to make a regular practice of clearing out the old […]