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Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Relationship Feng Shui

[adrotate banner=”2″] By Alice Inoue Doris, one of my readers, approached me as I was getting in my car last week.  She asked me when I was going to write about feng shui in regards to relationships.  She shared that she and her friends could certainly use some insight in this arena. What about you? […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Entrance Your Entrance

By Alice Inoue When is the last time you took a good objective look at your entrance?  In feng shui, the entrance is a vital key to bringing positive energy flow into your home.  The entrance is considered the “mouth” of the property from which life force enters allowing those living in the home to […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Color Me Beautiful

By Alice Inoue Imagine how you would feel walking into a stark white room versus the same room with walls painted with an enveloping comforting earth tone such as golden bisque.  You would feel very different in each of those two rooms, wouldn’t you? Color has the power to change the entire energy of an […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Tuning in to Bedroom and Balance

By Alice Inoue I see televisions in the bedrooms of about eighty percent of the homes I visit.  Odds are you have one in your bedroom as well.  During a feng shui consultation, many of my clients sheepishly say, “I know that I’m not supposed to have a television in the bedroom…” Many people are […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Love It Or Lose It

By Alice Inoue Take a good look around your home. Do you see things you love and cherish, or things that are just there “because”? I often see items on display in homes that I’m curious about, and when I ask the occupant to tell me about them, a common response is, “Oh, my mother-in-law […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Turning Over a New Leaf

By Alice Inoue Plants are always used to create a feng shui positive environment because they not only add vibrancy, oxygen and life force, they symbolize growth and support us energetically.  Much of feng shui is about creating an environment that gives us energy versus one that drains us of our energy and life force. […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: Going with the Flow

By Alice Inoue Fountains are desirable in feng shui because they bring the energy of water into the environment in a beautiful and elegant way. Water was important to farmers in ancient China because the success of their rice crops depended on having abundant water. Plentiful water resulted in plentiful rice, so over time water […]

Holistic Maven Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series; Clogged By Clutter

By Alice Inoue Where do I place a fountain to bring in more opportunities? Will hanging a crystal enhance my career? Should I paint my room green for better feng shui? These are frequently asked questions, yet small things like this will hardly make much of a difference, and even if they do, their effect […]

Media Maven Welcomes Alice Inoue, Holistic Maven Guest Blogger and Feng Shui Expert

Bonjour Darlings, It’s a pleasure to welcome Alice Inoue, our expert and guest blogger “To Inspire, To Reflect, To Change” by improving the environment around us, our homes, offices and ourselves through Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice. Alice is a Hawaii-based international expert who has been published in the Honolulu Star Advertiser, where she […]