Lindsay Kriger


by Lindsay Kriger I know, I know: it’s not always easy to tell the underqualified from the qualified because everyone puts their best foot forward at first but that’s why you’ve gotta do the work. You’ve gotta take your time. Collect evidence. Do your research. I myself have failed to do this. Gone too fast. […]

Why Did He Leave?

by Lindsay Kriger There are countless reasons a relationship might end. Not all of them are about you. Not all of them make logical sense. Not all of them are easy to accept. Today’s blog post, however, I want to devote to one particular reason things can break down and a man might leave – […]

Mr. My Phone Died

By Lindsay Kriger I once dated a Mr. My Phone Died. He had a couple other pet names, too. Sometimes he was Mr. I Had No Service. Other times he was Mr. My Phone Was on Silent. Basically, he was a man who kept crying technological wolf. The funny thing is…he was more than a […]

Ready, Set, Next!

by Lindsay Kriger Dating can feel like the longest marathon ever run. You think you see the finish line. Then nope — that’s not it. And OMG – some runner’s cut in front of you. Or you’ve been disqualified because you had too many Red Bulls. Or you’re the wrong nationality. So, there you are […]

If You Want A Man In Your Life – Get a Life!

by Lindsay Kriger I’m a big believer that if you want to attract a man, you shouldn’t play hard to get. You should be hard to get. Let me tell you: what a difference a teeny two-letter word can make! Seriously! You should actually be busy and having fun – and not just be playing […]