Going for the Gold Like an Olympic Champion!

So much has happened over the past couple of weeks, and each step has led me crank things up a notch! Looking back — I can see how far I’ve come — and grown since becoming Media Maven and launching Elite Socialistas. No matter what my mission — the cause always stays the same — to live my passions to the fullest, as blissfully as possible. Empress Media (my soul’s twin girls) takes 110% of my creative passion, with Daily Glow and other contributor duties draining another 90! Sapphire Kharyzma aims to be a pillar in her industry and an invaluable expert resource of all things beauty, fashion and life(STYLE). It’s all about the aesthetics — for this Goddess — the pleasure in living life, as blissful as possible — through my passion for fashion, addiction to beauty and KHARYZMATIC flair for setting trends!

I am happy to announce, that Media Maven is an official Tweezerman & MOM Ambassador — and is currently floating down from Cloud 9 – after receiving top 10 beauty writer courtesy of Daily Glow! I would also like to thank (on behalf of Elite Socialistas as well) YOU — our lovely readers! Your constant blog lovin’ has enabled us to climb the ranks through our uphill battle! We are #103,043 in the US w/ #3, 823 in the city of Philadelphia (MM) & #152,215 in the US & #109,587 in the UK with #360 in the city of Swansea! MUAHS…we love you all!

As we race to the top, we have encountered so many amazing talent — in fashion & beauty — and overall life(STYLE)! Each metamorphis is another milestone, bringing us closer to the finish line! Every talented maven (and maverick) — is along the same path, fighting similar battles — and we need to continue to support each other and stick together — extending our social hands, in blissful harmony.

Stay chic — til we meet again!


Love & Appreciation: Be The Change You Seek!


Hello Darlings, It definitely has been a while, since I took pen and paper in hand, sat down and drafted my love and appreciation — scripted by my passion for being your elite bloganistaa. Writing is so soothing and relaxing for the soul. It allows your voice to have an

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